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How to Pack for a Golf Vacation

A group of golfers plays a hole

There are over 15,000 golf courses read more about this on the Golf website in a new tab across the United States. That means that you are doing yourself a disservice by only playing at the courses that are local to you.

Going on a golf vacation requires you to pack more than just your bathing suit. You don't want to be "that person" on the trip that mooches equipment from everyone else.

Use this guide to make sure you pack everything you need to have an awesome golf vacation.

The Right Bag

You have two options for shipping your clubs. You can either buy a bag and take them with you, or use a shipping service.

If you plan to take them with you, look at ClubGlove or Sun Mountain. These bags tend to be pricey, but if you are going to golf vacation often, they are worth it.

If this is a one-time thing for you, then you are better off using a shipping service like ShipSticks.

Whatever bag you buy, look for ballistic nylon. This material will be able to handle all of the abuse that the airline will put through.

you also want a bag that has good quality wheels. This will make it easier to roll through the airport and to your hotel.


This is the bag that you need to carry all of your clothes and toiletries. Look for one that is big enough to hold all of your items, but not so big that it is cumbersome.


Pack your clothes with strategy. You only have so much space in your luggage. So pick clothes that allow you to go from the golf course to the restaurant.

You want to select pieces that don't scream "I just played golf!" Stick with a nice pair of slacks and a polo.

Think about the weather where you are going. If it is going to be especially hot, you'll want to select fabrics that are quick drying.

One traveling golf veteran we know said his strategy is to pack one shirt for every day. He wears his shirt for the next day of golf the night before. That way he wears a fresh shirt to dinner, but only needs to pack one shirt for each day.


You are going to need to pack more than one pair of shoes. Consider you'll need shoes to wear when you're not golfing. Then obviously, shoes for when you are golfing.

To be safe, you can even bring a second pair of shoes. This is wise if you plan on golfing more than one day in a row. Then you have a backup pair to wear when your first pair gets wet.

If you need to save space in your luggage consider wearing your street friendly golf shoes onto the plane. That way you don't fill your bag with shoes.

Rain Gear

You can check the weather a million times. You are confident that the weather is going to be sunny for your trip. Then you get there are it pours.

No matter what the weather prediction is, pack your rain gear. This includes a small lightweight umbrella and your rain gloves.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

You also want to pack your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen. This will protect you from the sun's harmful rays. read more on the skin cancer foundation website in a new tab

Along these same lines, you'll also want to think about bringing bug spray. you never know what bugs you'll encounter while out on the course.


You may be on vacation, but you'll still want to charge your tablet, laptop, and phone. Make sure that you bring the right cables to charge all of your devices.

You may also want to consider bringing a car adapter too. This way you can charge your devices in your hotel room or in the car while you're out and about.

Pain Reliever

If you are like most people, you are probably used to playing once a week at most on the weekends. expect to be sore if you plan to play multiple days while on vacation.

Your sore muscles will thank you.

The Essentials

Before you take off, take an inventory of your golfing essentials. This includes how many balls are in your bag, gloves, and tees.

Business Cards

You may be on vacation, but you never know who you will run into while out on the course. Take the opportunity to network read more about this on the HamptonGolf website in a new tab with those you meet while playing.

Throw a few business cards in your golf bag and wallet. This way you won't miss a chance to network.


Sure you are going on vacation to play golf. But that doesn't mean that the only thing you'll be doing.

Don't forget to pack your other miscellaneous items. This would include a bathing suit for that post game soak in the hot tub.

You may also want a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. This will come in handy if you decide you want to work out or need to unexpectedly share your room.

Most importantly, don't forget your toiletries. Your fellow travelers won't be happy if you forget your toothbrush or body wash.

Golf Vacation Essentials Packed

Now that you have the essentials down, you are ready for your golf vacation. You want to pack both your golfing items and your vacation equipment. Don't forget to pack items that you might need. This would be things like your rain gear.

If you're planning on visiting the Orlando area — Kissimmee Bay is a great golf vacation destination! Contact us to schedule tee times available through our tee times page before your trip!

Your Guide to How to Drive a Golf Ball

A golfer drives a golf ball

The golf game is growing like it did in the height of its popularity. Almost as many people are picking up the game learn more on the Forbes website in a new tab as they were when Tiger Woods was in the prime of his career.

There are almost 30,000,000 golfers learn more about this on the Statistic Brain website in a new tab in the US, and many of them are starting to play for the very first time.

It's common to struggle with simple golfing fundamentals if you're a beginner. Learning how to drive a golf ball and how to use a golf driver seem simple, but take a bit of practice.

Thankfully, we've compiled a guide you can use to help figure out the basics before your next golf outing.


Your grip is one of the most important elements learn more about this on the HamptonGolf website in a new tab in driving a golf ball, and it's not as intuitive as you might think.

Take the club in your opposite hand first - if you're right-handed, grip it with your left hand. Stick out your thumb and point it at the ground.

Next, take your right hand and place it so that your left thumb fits snugly in the V your pointer finger and thumb create. Don't hold the club too tightly or it will negatively affect your grip and how you hit the ball.


Stance is another critical ingredient in your golf swing, especially if you're trying to learn how to hit a golf ball more info available on the HamptonGolf website in a new tab farther or how to drive a golf ball straight.

Stand to face the ball, and line it up with the point of your front foot. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart, but a little wider won't hurt too much. Find a comfortable stance at the range and adjust from there for perfection.

You should distribute your weight evenly before starting your swing.


Your swing might be the biggest factor in driving the golf ball. Your stance and grip can be perfect, but if your swing isn't there you'll find your drive to be disappointing.

Bring your club back slowly, shifting your weight to your back foot. Take a big backswing when you're doing this. It might even feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first.

Keep your head down and take your time. There's no reason to rush your swing here.

If you've ever played baseball, then you know the saying, "Keep your eye on the ball." You want to do the same thing here. Looking at where you're about to hit will give you the best chance at solid contact.

As you finish your swing, shift your weight to your front foot and follow through with your hips. Keep your elbows tucked for as long as you can on the follow-through.

Keep in mind that you don't have to hit the ball as hard as you can. One of the tenets of golf is that the most effortless swing often sends the ball the furthest.

How to Drive a Golf Ball

Learning how to drive a golf ball isn't as hard as you might think. Practice, and it will eventually become second-nature. Don't overthink the swing and let your subconscious do the rest.

Want some more golfing and course tips? Take a look at our blog. on our blog page

5 Best Golf Chipping Tips All Golfers Should Know

Graphic for Best golf Chipping tips every golfer should know from Kissimmee Bay Golf Club

Killing the ball down the middle of the fairway in front of your friends might be fun, but if you don't have a proper short game, your score will suffer for it no matter how far you hit the ball.

While you'll see tons of people at the driving range pounding the ball with their woods, the chipping areas are usually a little deserted.

That's great news for you.

Especially if you want to start going low.

So grab your clubs, head on over to the practice area and remember these five great golf chipping tips for a better score.

Stand Closer to the Ball

Standing too far away from the ball can cause a lot of problems with a short club. You're not hitting a drive or an iron shot, so you have to adjust.

Give yourself about 10 inches from your toes to the ball. This will give you better position over the ball and help you avoid those duffs and chunks.

This may just be the most important golf chipping tips there are, so work on it until it feels right.

Choke Down

Since you're going to be closer to the ball, you have to adjust your grip learn more about this on the HamptonGolf website in a new tab as well. Otherwise, you'll find that it's too difficult to make consistent contact. And nothing will kill a chip quicker than poor contact.

In fact, some professionals recommend using your putting grip to chip. learn more about this on Golf Info Guide in a new tab This will add a little bit of feel to your stroke and allow you to make sure the clubface stays square on contact.

Mind Your Weight

When you're using a driver or an iron, it's a good idea to have a balanced, athletic stance read more about this on the Golf Channel website in a new tab that lets you sweep the ball.

Chipping's a totally different animal.

To make good contact, your weight should be shifted to your forward leg. If you play the ball farther back in your stance as well, your forward weight will help create a steeper downswing.

And steeper is better when it comes to chipping. It'll help pop the ball up and let it run out toward the hole.

Choose the Right Club

You also need to be aware of your position. Not ever chip requires the same club to work.

Take note of what you want to do. Do you have to chip it softly over a bunker? Or do you have a lot of green to work with and no obstacles in front of you?

For the first, you'll want to use a high-lofted club so the ball goes high and lands without a lot of roll. For the other, a lower-lofted club such as a seven-iron and keep the ball close to the ground like a putt.

Practice different situations and you'll be a better chipper.

If you have the time, why not get professional help?

At Kissimmee Bay we have top-notch professionals that can help you improve any aspect of your game. Schedule a few golf lessons with a pro through our contact page or spend some time at the chipping green which you can learn more about on our practice facilities page with a teacher will help lower your score faster than hitting hundreds of balls by yourself ever could!

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